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  • LAPT LTD is a world leading independent skill assessment company, endorsing skills of professionals and quality standards of organisation based on its online assessments. It has been dedicated to checking the quality of assessment delivered by its certified assessors. In last 20 years LAPT has established itself as leading skill assessment and certification body working globally through its network of assessors and partner centres. LAPT Qualifications are valued globally by learners and employers.

  • LAPT Assessments


    One can get certified by successfully qualifying any type LAPT Skill Assessment. Learners get certified and are awarded Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in their desired skills based on their assessments. LAPT endorses skill of learners at various levels. You can qualify our assessments through our global assessor and training partner network. We work with leading assessors.


    Type of assessments-



    Online Video Based Practical Skill Assessments
    Like beauticians, chef, culinary arts etc


    Online Proctored Exam
    Multiple choice online exam, online proctored by LAPT moderator


    Prior Learning Assessments
    Online face to face video assessment with evaluation or evidence of prior learning


    Type of Qualifications


    Level 1- Workshop



    Training- 10-50 Hours
    Duration- One to 5 days
    Assessments- Workbook Based Assessments
    Minimum Qualification- Not required


    Level 2 Certificate


    Training- 50-120 Hours
    Duration- 15 days to Three Month
    Assessments- One online assessment/exam
    Minimum Qualification- For some Qualification that leads to a
    professional Diploma, Grade 10th Certificate is mandatory


    Level 3 Advanced Certificate


    Training- 130-360 Hours
    Duration- Four to Six Month
    Assessments- Two online assessments/exams
    Minimum Qualification- Grade 10th Certificate


    Level 4- Professional Diploma



    Training- 370 to 670 Hours
    Duration- Six to Twelve Month
    Assessments- Three to four online assessments/exams
    Minimum Qualification- Depends on the Industry

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