Get certified through LAPT Assessments

  • LAPT Assessments at Accredited Training Centres (EQA Qualifications)


    Step 1

    Register for LAPT accredit training programme at your nearest LAPT Accredited Training Partner


    Step 2

    Complete your training and all internal assessment of LAPT Partner Centre


    Step 3

    Appear for LAPT Final Exam. The exam is moderated by either physicall assessor or online through video conferencing


    Step 4

    You will receive assessment report with scores based on your exam/assessment. The assessor shall upload all your documents with score on LAPT website


    Step 5

    Final quality assurance cheque is done by a certification team supervised by Chief Assessment Director


    Step 6

    You shall be receiving a score report/Mark sheets and Certificate based on your result


    Step 7

    All your professional records are maintained by LAPT. Your records can be verified by the id mentioned on your certificate



    Final certification is signed by Chief Assessment Director, Industry Assessor and LAPT Accredited Training Partner in your region


    Employer Verification

    All your records can be verified by employer using verification id mentioned on your certificate

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