Hospitality Qualifications

  • Spectrum Child Psychology

  • SCP is designed to equip Teachers & Parents with the knowledge required to understand / Analyze / Assist / Mould & Guide children from childhood, through their teenage , their pre adolescence ages to pre adult hood and help develop them into well balanced, mature & confident individuals

    SCP is also designed to deal with a spectrum of difficulties in mannerism, hormonal & psychological changes & difficulties that are common in today’s world.

    SCP is designed to assist Teachers & Parents to detect at an early stage, any signs of learning disabilities like delayed speech, slow learners, ADHD, dyslexia etc that a child may have, so that proper corrective exercises, action & treatment may be administered.

    SCP includes interactive practical exercises and lesson plans. SCP is a strong support & advantage for Teachers, Leaders or anyone connected with education and is essential for parents of today, to understand and deal with the different stages of their child’s life.

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